From Waste to Value

Fish skin is a by-product from the fishing and fish farming industry. After the fish has been harvested it is filleted, skinned and cut into portions for the retail and catering markets in Europe and around the world. Once removed the skins most often end up as waste. Nordic Fish Leather and its predecessors have since over 20 years worked on solutions to turn this neglected high-quality raw material into valuable product. The results can today be seen in outstanding products made by both individuals and large designer companies.

Green Energy

Iceland is known for its harvest of the country’s renewable energy sources. The two main sources are hydroelectric and geothermal power. Nordic Fish Leather uses only renewable energy for its production of fish leather. 100% of the electricity supply is from a Hydro Electric power plant. The warm water derives from hot springs close to the town where the factory is located. The total power usage is therefore CO2 neutral.

Responsible fishing and Farming

All our Salmon and Cod fish leather derive from fisheries and farming industries that have got a third party sustainably accreditation.For the Cod, this accreditation is called MSC certification ( for salmon it is both Global Gap ( and ASC certification ( ).These three standards are known around the world as the leading sustainability standards for fish.